SnowNet : Barrow



There are two SnowNet sites located in Barrow. One site is located within the Barrow Environmental Observatory (BEO) and the other is located on the Cake Eater Snow Fence.

BEO Site

Locate at the BEO there are the eddy correlation, flux and gradient towers, a Wyoming Gauge, a solid-state snow pillow, and two web cams. Transect lines have been established in order to measure snow depth throughout the year. The transects are marked, at 100m intervals for the 1-km East-West line and at 50m intervals for the 500-m North-South line, with a rebar with a 4x4 wooden cap. Two smaller "L" transects (L1 & L2) are marked with small fiberglass rods set in steel stands.

Cake Eater Snow Fence

At the snow fence there are three snow depth sensors that measure the depth of the snow drift at 3, 10, and 20m from the snow fence. There is also a web cam to capture the growth of the drift and a wind sensor to measure the wind speed.

Eddy correlation and flux towers

Wyoming Gauge

Gradient Tower

Solid-state SWE sensor

Snow depth sensor 3m off of snow fence with a web cam and wind sensor on top

Two towers with snow depth sensors at 10 and 20m from snow fence


Updated :
May 7, 2009